a roofing damage that causes leaks

What Happen When You Ignore A Shingle Roof Leak?

What Happen When You Ignore A Shingle Roof Leak

One of the highly used roofing material by most homeowners are the roofing shingles. They are used not just because of their efficiency and durability, but also because of their relatively cheaper price. On the part of roofing contractors, roof shingles are highly favored by them because it is quite easier to install as compared to other roofing materials.

However, despite the said positive attributes of such roofing material, it is still susceptible to damages. Some of the most common damages that such roofing material undergo includes broken, missing, curling, and buckling shingles. And the most common result for the said asphalt shingle damage as reported by most roofing contractors, are roof leaks.

Yes, shingle roof leak problems are some of the top roofing issues being faced by property owners, especially here in Bergen County, NJ. A reputable roofing company, Xpress Construction & Roofing, has included such roofing problem to their commonly encountered roofing issues that should not be underestimated by property owners. And here are some of the reasons why.


a roofing damage that causes leaks


Expensive Repairs

You need to understand that a shingle roof leak will not go away by itself. You may be noticed that the area where leaks are commonly spotted is no more leaking. However, in reality, the cause of such a leak is still there. And most probably the rainwater or other factors are not that strong enough to cause for the leak to be visible all the time. When you choose to ignore such roof leak issue, your ceiling, decking, and other structural components of your roofing system will suffer. Consequently, long exposure to water leak will lead to deterioration or even structural collapse, which is more expensive to fix than a shingle roof leak.

Increase of Mold

When the leaks are constantly entering your attic or interior roofing system, you will have to suffer from mold infestation later on. A small leak will soak the interior structure of your property with water or moisture. If left unresolved for a period of time, it will definitely result in damage and decrease of value. This will be more damaging if mold infestation will start to manifest on the ceiling of your property, as well as on the exposed exterior of your roofing. Apart from the said effects, leaving a roof leak unattended that causes molds will also lead to some health issues, including allergies or even deadly diseases.

Lifespan Decrease

Another important consideration on why property owners like you should not neglect roof leak caused by damaged shingles is the potential decrease in your roof’s lifespan. A shingle roof is expected to last around 20-30 years, but with the issue, at hand, its usable lifespan will be lowered. Aside from the actual roof material, other components of your roofing system will also be affected, including its support and decking. Hence, resulting in early complete roof replacement, which could be very costly at times.

Decreased Property Value

Another important reason why roof leak should not be neglected or left unrepaired is the decrease of the property value. When it comes to selling a property, it is important that your roofing system is fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are some potential buyers who will also have their own roofing experts to inspect your property. And if you have not dealt with the roof leak issue on your property, then your expected property value will be lessened, if not the sale will not push through.

Increased Utility Expenses

Apart from the structural concern and the potential decrease value, having a roof leak problem on your property will also lead to increased utility cost. Roof leaks can also damage the insulation of your property, resulting in poor home insulation. For that matter, heat loss will be experienced, especially during the winter season. A serious heat loss will make your HVAC system function twice as it normally does, resulting in increased electricity bill.


Choose The Right Roofing Partner

When it comes to the care and protection of your roofing system, you should not underestimate the negative impact of a roof leak. Roof leaks, simple as they may seem, cause great chaos and disturbance in your living environment. That is why you should immediately call a qualified roofing company to deal with the roof leak concern.

In choosing a roofing company to deal with the roof leak problem, you should not only consider the expertise and experience but also their license, insurance, and accreditations. The said factors are good indicators that you are dealing with a roofing company with professional integrity and commitment to excellent service.

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